Self portrait

When there is no one around to photograph, you can always go for a selfie :)


Going to catch the train


At Gare do Oriente, Lisboa

Medium Format Film

So, one of my resolutions for this year is to start shooting medium format. Today I got my Yashica 124 G to get this going, it’s a pretty cool “oldie”, well known to photographers starting into medium format. Hopefully she’s up and running properly, can’t wait to see what the first roll will bring.


Let’s see if I can get my other resolutions on track as fast as I did this one, it would be awesome.

Why Black & White

This question comes through sometimes, why privilege B&W in an age where modern technology as made the rendering of colors so truthful and standard? When film was the most used medium, it was “easier”/more affordable to setup a B&W lab instead of a Color one, but with the advent of Digital this no longer applies.

Therefore the choice of B&W in digital age is purely an aesthetical one. Some will say it’s just “artsy fartsy” gibberish, chosen to mask technical shortcomings of the photographer.. That might be the case in some circumstances, but I like to think those are the minority, and the ones that elect B&W as their way to capture the world are driven by other motivations.


In my particular case, even though I do enjoy making photography in color at times, I almost always shoot in Black and White, and I do so mainly because I believe it provokes a detachment in me/the viewer. By this detachment I mean that you are not just looking at a scene of the quotidian world, as you would with the color interpretation that your brain performs of what goes through your sight. By removing color you’ll immediately change the way that you perceive the image, as it’s now an interpretation of the world instead of a rendition of it. This mental process pushes you to look at that photo with a different mind frame, you’ll pay more attention to light and shadows, to try and find what was the purpose and the subject for the photograph, what it is that lies beneath the first impression that you get when you first look at an image.






It’s this “detachment from reality” that is the main reason for my choice, I could also talk about how you need to think differently of the relations between light and shadow and the importance of texture and composition, but these also drive Color photography so it would not stand as a reason to choose one esthetic over the other.


Choose your Path


Sun gates


Sun gates – Portas do Sol, Santarem – Portugal

Fresh Drink


Starting 2014 fresh

So 2014, new year, and resolutions made.. Will they be followed through? I’m going for it, this website will no longer remain abandoned, it will actually be started again from scratch, out with the old in with the new right?

a new “project” is starting to take shape.. Underxposed will be looking towards capturing glimpses of existence, the singularities and the banalities of it..